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Born in a small town in western Germany in 1986, STRIGGA, like so many, was taken by the Monday Night War of the 1990s.  By the early 2000s, WCW was no longer and WWE was off television in Germany leaving STRIGGA on a quest to discover pro wrestling beyond the “big 2”. This led him to Japanese wrestling, wXw and American independent wrestling.

Covering almost all bases of Puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling) for the definitive wrestling database since 2004 and for Japanese wrestling news site (2006-presnet), STRIGGA has become one of the leading authorities on Japanese wrestling.  Whether it’s the major companies like New Japan Pro-Wrestling or smaller, eclectic groups, STRIGGA is exceptionally versed in them all.  In addition to his contributions online, you can also see his work in print covering New Japan Pro Wrestling for the German magazine Power Wrestling. 

STRIGGA studied German philology and history en route to becoming a teacher who happens to moonlight doing the most insightful and fun podcast on Japanese pro wrestling around, The Eastern Lariat.