Some call him MSL, others Mister Saint Laurent and even some Maurice.  Whatever you call this ginger giant know that he’s a street certified G from Compton… Quebec, Canada!

MSL joined MLW in 2002 when MLW was an actual wrestling promotion (yes! really it was!), starting out as an assistant at MLW events, working under the promotional division before going on to work his way up through the industry to the broadcast booth position.

When not in the booth, Saint Laurent could be also found crushing the competition around the country with his massive 6’3″ 404 pound frame.

Along the way, MSL would also become a matchmaker for several regional wrestling outlets, all culminating in paving the way for a reputation as one of the brightest young minds in the sport… and a nice cozy seat in the broadcast booth for plenty of MLW podcasts!

Hear MSL on the flagship show every Tuesday as well as on MSL & Sullivan Thursdays and Kevin Sullivan's Helluva Deal on Friday.

Twitter: @MSL
Website: M.SL
Message Board:  www.M.SL/u