Lucha Libre powerbroker, AAA matchmaker and an iconic luchador are just a few bullets on this Miami native’s resume. Konnan’s hustled and headlined both in the United States for WCW and Impact as well as blazed a hall of fame career in Mexico. Konnan has no doubt seen and done it all and along the way sparked a few controversies. Just remember: he’s stating; not hating.

Known for having a keen eye for talent and a great mind for the sport, Konnan is also the man responsible forintroducing the world to the likes of Rey Mysterio and countless other luchadores to the national and international stage from the 90s to the present.

Today, he’s not only contributing to AAA’s rapid growth and global expansion but every promoter’s go-to man for Mexican’s best wrestlers, while maintaining his repuation for grabbing headlines for his refreshingly unfiltered, politcally incorrect real talk. And now he has his own show. Boom.

Twitter: @Konnan5150