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Part of the creative force that launched World Championship Wrestling to historic heights in the 1990s during the Monday Night War, Kevin Sullivan is a prolific wrestling mind, manager, grappler and now... a podcaster with 2 weekly shows on the MLW Radio Network!

Journeying from each major territory since 1970, Kevin is a refreshing source of insight, history and amazing stories.  Whether it's talking Championship Wrestling from Florida, WCW, early ECW, the WWWF, WWE or today's independent scene, Sully has it all covered!

Once the man that controlled the chaos of savages and monsters like Purple Haze, the One Man Gang, Luna Vachon, Bruiser Brody, Kamala, the Zodiac and Cactus Jack... today Sully does his best to handle another peculiar beast in his podcast co-host and protégé, MSL.

You can hear Sully on Thursday nights on MSL & Sullivan for free  as well as on Friday mornings on Kevin Sullivan's Helluva Deal as part of the MLW VIP offerings.