Calling the streets of Memphis and West Tennessee home growing up, wrestling's been apart of Dylan's life right from an early age. Staying up until 2am to watch WWF Shotgun Saturday Night to his first exposure to international wrestling when he'd visit his Méxican neighbors and watch Lucha Libre in between episodes of Ángel Rebelde.

With the turbulent life in the area and his family it's little wonder when he needed an escape he hit the ring himself at the tender age of 13, becoming a stalwart of public access-level wrestling throughout the area for over 3 years. In 2008, finally jumping online, his life changed forever when he experienced Japanese wrestling (aka puroresu), and it led him to take to many online forums in sharing his love for both puroresu & Lucha Libre.

A writer for the leading puroresu news site puroresuspirit.net, Dylan is known for his series profiling wrestlers' entire careers from Yuki Ishikawa to Kenta Kobushi. Joining the Eastern Lariat was a hand in glove fit, tagging up with Strigga to cover every nook and cranny of the Japanese wrestling scene.

Originally scheduled as a one off guest, popular reaction to the Sky Blue Hot Blooded Young Man's charisma and insight and the pair's instant chemistry led to Dylan proudly joining Strigga with the MLW family as permanent co-host of the top puroresu podcast going today.

When not engaged in a wrestling activity of some sort online, Dylan can be seen training for his ultimate goal of returning to the ring on a more legitimate basis so he can accomplish his dream of shooting on Magnus to win the GFW Title and hold Jeff Jarrett up for all of his Global Force Gold money. (Of which he would use to find his idol, Magnum TOKYO and bring him back to wrestling)

Twitter:  ‪@DylanZero0615
Website: PuroresuSpirit.net
Show Email: japan@mlw.com